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Biofilm, Legionella, Scale or Corrosion Problems

Biofilm, Legionella, Scale or Corrosion Problems ?

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Did you know that your boilers account for 40% of your energy costs on average?

Did you know that your boilers account for 40% of your energy costs on average?

Discover our range of products and start saving from the first hour.

How do you control product dosage and tower blowdown?

How do you control product dosage and tower blowdown?

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You do not know by where to start concerning the new cooling tower regulations?

You do not know by where to start concerning the new cooling tower regulations?

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Do you want to produce the same quantity of steam but use less water?

Do you want to produce the same quantity of steam but use less water?

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Whether you have a small boiler to heat your building or a huge biomass cogeneration boiler, we have a testimonial to share with you. We have been treating boilers for over 20 years and have made a difference for the owners and operators.

Our sectors of expertise include Pulp and Paper, Petrochemicals, Rubber, Textile, Agro-food, Lumber, Institutional, Hospitals, Cogeneration, Metal works, Construction, Plastics, Cement, Hygiene, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, etc.


T_2Benefits: Read some some excerpts from Testimonial Letters

CHUS (Sherbrooke University Hospital Center)
–Hotel –Dieu Facility (Hospital)

“This product is natural, biodegradable and non toxic. It replaces the three usual products that we have been using for decades. It has more benefits to it: use less water to produce the same amount of steam and our energy reduction for this site is estimated at $25 000/year.”

T_3Unilever Canada – Baie D’Urfe Plant (Agrofood)

“We treated our boilers with “traditional” products containing sulphites, phosphates and amines. The boiler water conductivity oscillated between 3000 and 4000 micromhos, and our blowdown rate ranged between 6.5% and 8.5%.

After a thorough study of TG 3106** and contact with references that have already used the product for several years, we decided to replace our products by this product containing purified tannins.

As of the first week, we noted a drastic reduction in boiler blowdows. The boiler now oscillates between 8500 and 10,000 micromhos, we even reached several times more than 200 concentration cycles, meaning a 0.5% purge rate.“

The results are amazing; the conductivity of the steam  oscillates between 6 and 18 micromhos with a pH between 8.1 and 8.6 on average. The total iron tests carried out are close to 0.03 mg/l and we did not notice any corrosion in our steam network.

All TGWT* commitments were fulfilled, from the quality of their service to the performance of their product.”


T_4Beaulieu Canada (Textile) – Case study published in Industrial Water World

“TGWT Clean Technologies Inc*.’s tannin additive for boiler water has eliminated scaling problems for carpet conglomerate Beaulieu Canada and cut its energy costs by $200,000 per year...  blowdown has plunged 80% because boilers can operate at much higher conductivity levels...  It operates more than 200,000 PPH of boiler capacity at a spinning plant at Wickham and manufacturing plants at Acton Vale and Farnham… Beaulieu said conventional water treatments with sulfites, phosphates, phosphonates and amines failed to alleviate its scale and corrosion problems... Purified tannins... allows boilers to operate in a range of 8,000 to 10,000 micromhos of conductivity, cutting blowdown volume without carryoverof contaminants into the steam”


T_5Cascades Canada - East Angus Plant (Pulp and Paper)

“The accumulated production of all the boilers provides 285,000 PPH… we substituted the traditional products with just one, TG 3106** from TGWT*. We began using the product for a limited time as a test. From that first test day, we have never looked back and have used it ever since.

...The TG 3106** is used between 6000 and 9000 mmhos.  It is at these concentrations that it finds its full potential. The product is injected at the same place as old products.

...The annual boiler inspections were positive in the months that followed implementation of the product

...The frequency of the boiler blowdown was reduced by a significant amount, with a result that the Gas M3/TMV ratio produced is improved and the effluent flow also dropped.

...TGWT* provides very good service to our factory… Each company that uses this product should improve their performance”


Cooling tower and chillers

Our customers have seen their shutdown time reduced. They had to stop less often than with competing product to brush the chillers.

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* TGWT formaly known as Servivap Canada Inc

** Also sold as MK 3106

AWT 2014 Convention & Expo

For a 4th year in a row, TGWT is proud to be exhibiting at the AWT (Association of Water Technologies) Annual Convention & Exposition. Come and meet with us at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth Texas, booth #507, from October 29th to November 1st.

In addition, be sure to join us on Saturday, November 1st at 9:30 for a highly anticipated presentation by Roger Gaudreault, Ph. D.: Green Chemistry, Purified Tannin Molecules for the Protection of Mild Steel Closed-Loop Systems.

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